Surge Protection 

Power surges are when your lights dim and quiver for seemingly no reason. Or they happen when lightning strikes close to home and the air seem to sizzle and glow in the storm's aftermath. The cause of power surges can come from inside and outside the home; from lightning, cars colliding with utility poles, and limbs falling on electrical lines. However, the most common reason is demand fluctuations within the home. Power surges are unpredictable and can be damaging to your home's electrical system.

Electrical appliances, if not protected, cannot survive these strong and deadly impulses of electricity. How do we protect our valuable electronic equipment, computers and cable television systems? A comprehensive home power protection program can help eliminate the risk of costly and inconvenient damage caused by power surges.

Sophisticated Equipment Needs Sophisticated Protection

Over the years, our electronic equipment has become more advanced. The sensitive digital products, comfort systems and home office equipment depend on the advanced surge protection your electric cooperative provides. Your member services representative can help you take advantage of the advanced protection systems available today.

Facts About Lightning

Although lightning is not the most common form of electrical surge in your home or business, it is the most destructive.

The average lightning strike is 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit and carries an average of 200 million volts and 30,000 amps into your home and equipment.

A cloud to ground lightning strike can cause a rush of energy that travels through underground wires leading to your home.

The advanced technology of surge suppression products from your electric cooperative will safeguard your valuable electrical equipment, appliances and computer from storm clouds that linger near your home.

The Power of Two

Complete protection should have two distinct stages. The first stage is a meter adapter, installed by your electric cooperative outside your home. The second step in this two-part system includes the installation of surge protection devices in your home for all your valuable electronic equipment.

Meter adapters "filter" surges and lightning strikes outside your home and protect your home's major appliances - stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers, etc.

In addition to channeling surges away from your electronic devices, surge suppressor strips offer protection for telephone and television lines. This protection is simply not available with inexpensive "power strips."

Together, the power of two can protect your home from costly and destructive surges. Call your local electric cooperative today and schedule an appointment for quick and easy installation.