February 27, 2018

  Southwest Arkansas Electric REA will sponsor up to two youths for a week tour of Washington, D.C. on June 8-14, 2018.  This tour will be a combination of education, history, and fun for the participants as they visit our Nation’s Capitol.  The following is required from the student to qualify for the Youth Tour Contest: (1) the student must submit an essay of at least 500 words. The paper will be prepared in similar fashion to other term papers with careful attention to spelling and the rules of grammar.  Also, special attention will be given to the thoughtful development and empirical support of the thesis.  The name of the student and school should be on the cover page only.  All entering essays must be postmarked by March 23 and addressed to the President & CEO of Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative;  (2) the student must be a current high school junior;  (3) the student must have a parent, grandparents or guardian that is a member of Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative;  (4) the entrant must be acknowledged as a good student and will submit an up-to-date transcript of courses taken in high school;  (5) the student must be active in school and extracurricular activities; and (6) the student must submit letters of recommendation from the high school principal and counselor (or favorite teacher) explaining why the student will make an exemplary Youth Tour participant.

  The Youth Tour begins in Little Rock where the participants will travel to Washington, D.C. In Washington, the tour will include visits to the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, several national monuments, a boat ride along the Potomac River and other interesting activities.  All travel and hotel expenses are paid for by the Electric Cooperative with the student providing his own spending money. Youth Tour information can be viewed through; by link then click on Youth/School Programs or link

All qualified students are encouraged to enter the essay contest. The subject for the 2018 essay is: “A Review of the History of the Establishment of the Three Branches of the United States of America’s Government” and a discussion of the powers, duties and organization of each branch.

    The essay along with the letters of recommendation should be mailed to C. Wayne Whitaker, President & CEO, Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative, 2904 East 9th Street, Texarkana, AR  71854.  Essays and letters of recommendation must be postmarked no later than March 23.  The winning contestants will be notified of their selection by early April.  If you have any questions regarding this subject, please let us know. 

Contact:  Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

Rhonda Morrow, Administrative Assistant

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