Commitment to Accountability

Improved by: Making a commitment to controlling expenses, using federated services, using Cooperative services, retiring capital credits, improving load factor, lowering line losses, using employee labor more efficiently, using equipment or technology to improve efficiency and service reliability and maintaining an efficient, motivated, safety minded, highly trained work force.

Commitment to Integrity

Improved by: Committing to the seven Cooperative Principles, the Fundamental beliefs that guide the management of the Cooperative and the fundamental values of the United States of America that include fairness, honesty, honor, and moral soundness.

Commitment to Community

Improved by: Promoting economic development, assisting volunteer organizations, local city governments and Chambers of Commerce with their goals and objectives, while encouraging employees to participate in the community and with local community projects.

Commitment to Innovation

Improved by: Implementing cutting edge technology and other innovations to improve electric service, lower cost and bring value - added services to the membership.