Billing Information


Verifying Billing Accuracy
Residential customers can verify the calculations on the bill with the following steps: a) find the applicable rate schedule, b) multiply the kWh rate times the kWh used during the month, c) multiply the cost of energy and cost of debt adjustments by the kWh used during the month (this will give the adjustment rates, d) add the customer charge, energy charge (kWh usage), fuel & debt adjustment, any applicable taxes, and security lighting to equal the total bill.

Billing Plans and Options
Levelized Billing Plan
Residential customers with satisfactory credit with the Cooperative may enroll in the Levelized Billing Plan. Under this plan the customer pays a level amount each month. This eliminates the seasonal fluctuations in the billing amounts. At least annually the Cooperative will review the balance and make adjustments in the payment amount as usage patterns change.

Extended Absence Plan
The Cooperative provides options to you to avoid a suspension of service during an extended absence.

You can contact the Cooperative and we will estimate use during your absence and you can pay in advance.

The Cooperative has a Bank Draft Plan where the monthly bill will be paid automatically through your checking or savings account.

You may pay your bills by credit card. The Cooperative accepts Mastercard/ Visa/ American Express and Discover credit cards. You may also sign up for automatic credit card payment each month.

You can arrange to have bills coming due during your absence mailed to an alternate address or third party.

Extended Due Date Plan
This plan is intended to change the bill due date to coincide with the customers' receipt of a fixed income. Qualifying income sources include Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled, Supplemental Security Income, and Social Security or VA disability or retirement. You may contact the Cooperative for full details.

Sales Tax Exemptions
Under present Arkansas law, residential customers whose income is $12,000 or less per year are eligible to claim an exemption from sales tax on the first 500 kwh of electricity used each month. You must file with the Cooperative to receive this exemption. Exemption Forms may be picked up at county SR. Citizens Centers or Local Southwest Arkansas Development Council offices.

Cost of Tax Adjustment
The Cooperative shall bill customers for any excise, license, privilege or franchise taxes, which are levied by laws or ordinances. Such adjustments shall be recovered only from those customers within jurisdictional boundaries of the taxing bodies and shall be referenced on the bill. Tax adjustments shall be collected in the same manner in which taxes are incurred.

Procedures for Suspension Reconnection, and Termination of Services
After the due date on the bill, a Shut Off Notice will be prepared for each unpaid bill. The Shut Off Notice will specify a date 8 days from the date of the notice after which service will be subject to suspension without further notice. A residential customer may name a consenting person or agency to receive a copy of the Shut Off Notice (Third Party Notification).

After suspension, service may be restored upon payment of all delinquent amounts, a $50.00 reconnect fee and a deposit, if required.

To voluntarily terminate service, contact one of our offices (listed under "Bill Payment Options") by phone, mail or in person.

Delayed Payment Agreements
If you are unable to pay your bill prior to the disconnect date on the Shut Off Notice you should contact the Cooperative to see if you qualify for a delayed payment agreement. Generally, the agreement will require:

  1. A down payment by the third business day after agreement,
  2. The balance to be paid over a reasonable time period up to 3 months, and
  3. All future bills during the agreement period are paid by the due date.

Provisions for Landlords and Tenants
There are special provisions concerning the suspension of service where the landlord receives the bill for a tenant. When the Cooperative is aware of this situation, notice will be provided to the tenant and additional time allowed prior to the service being shut off.

Medical Need for Service
A delay of suspension or reconnection of service may be appropriate if any residential customer or other permanent resident of the household has a serious medical condition.

The Cooperative will honor a physician's certificate which states that suspension of service would give rise to a substantial risk of death or gravely impair the health of the customer or another permanent household resident. The delay in suspension of service allows you additional time to make payments arrangements.

Provisions for Elderly and Handicapped
If you are 65 or older or handicapped there are special provisions available to delay suspension of service and make payment arrangements. The Cooperative will make additional efforts to notify you prior to suspension. If you cannot pay a bill on time the Cooperative shall offer to:

  1. Arrange a delayed payment agreement or levelized billing,
  2. Explain the third party notice, and
  3. Provide the names of federal, state or local bill payment assistance agencies.