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Membership Fee and Deposit
Before electric service is connected, an applicant must pay a membership fee, security deposit, and a $25 service fee to connect. A person may only have one membership regardless of the number of accounts. The membership is applied to your final bill with the Cooperative.

In place of a deposit, a residential applicant may provide a third party guarantee from another qualified member or have a satisfactory letter of credit from a previous utility. The deposit amount for applicants shall not exceed two average bills.

A deposit may be added if a customer did not pay bills by the due date two times in a row or three times in the last twelve months or meets other criteria outlined in the Public Service Commission's rules. The amount shall not exceed the two highest bills during the last twelve months.

The Cooperative shall pay interest annually on deposits. If all bills have been paid by the due date for the last twelve months, the Cooperative shall refund the deposit. When an account is closed, the Cooperative shall apply any deposit to the amount owed or refund if nothing is owed.

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