From the Boardroom - February 2023

The Board of Directors held meetings on February 27th to conduct its regular monthly Board Meeting to discuss and review several agenda items. During the meetings, they approved the Minutes of the last Board meeting and accepted the reports of the Attorney, President and Vice Presidents. In addition, Southwest Arkansas Telecommunication & Technology doing business as Four States Fiber also held a regular Board Meeting.

  • The Cooperative’s attorney presented several policies for review including the Director Duties and Standards of Conduct, the Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Interest Certification and the Whistleblower policies. The Board reviewed and accepted the policies and authorized the Whistleblower Policy to also be included in the Personnel Policies for easier access by employees.
  • The Board reviewed the Cooperative’s premium for Arkansas Rural Electric Self-Insurance Trust (ARESIT) and authorized the premium payment.
  • The President reported that the 2023 Legislative Conference is scheduled for April 16-19 in Washington, D.C.
  • The Board authorized language changes to the Anti-Harassment and Equal Employment policies.
  • The Board authorized the Cooperative to participate in the Cooperative Family Fund that was established to provide support for children of electric cooperative employees when they experience the loss of a parent while actively employed at a cooperative. The Cooperative will donate $1,000 each year to the fund.
  • 54 new member applications were approved making a total of 18,887 members to date.

Four States Fiber

  • The Board of Directors heard updates on the financial and statistical reports for Four States Fiber and authorized the payment of the NRECA Dues for 2023.