From the Boardroom – February 2021

From the Boardroom by Dion Cooper, President & CEO

The Board of Directors held meetings on February 25 to conduct its regular monthly Board Meeting to discuss and review several agenda items. During the meetings, they approved the Minutes of the last Board meeting and accepted the reports of the Attorney, President and Vice Presidents. In addition, Southwest Arkansas Telecommunication & Technology also held a regular Board Meeting.

SWAECC Agenda Items Reviewed and Actions Taken

The Attorney reviewed the Director Duties and Standards of Conduct, Whistleblower and Conflict of Interest policies and the Board agreed that the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form would be executed by all officials including the President and Vice Presidents.

The President presented information regarding the CFC Annual Officer’s Compliance Certification for the year ending December 31, 2020. The Board ratified the President’s completion of the certification worksheet and authorized the President to submit the certification.

The Board authorized the premium payment for the Arkansas Rural Electric Self-Insurance Trust.

The President reported that the 2021 Legislative Conference will be in a virtual format and is scheduled for April 20-23, 2021.

The Board ratified the President’s signature on the Make Ready Engineering Agreement and authorized the President to execute any and all documents related to the authorization of the Make Ready Construction Agreement and the Fiber Construction, Fiber Drops and Fiber Splicing agreements

The President reported on the progress of the Fiber Construction Project.

The Board approved 81 new member applications making the total number of members to date 18,844.

 SWATT Agenda Items Reviewed and Actions Taken

The Board authorized and directed the President to execute any and all documents associated with a broadband service agreement and contracts with National Information Systems Cooperative (NISC). 

The President presented an update on Diamond State Network.

The President reported that SWATT doing business as Four States Fiber received its Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

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