From the Boardroom – June 2021

by Dion Cooper, President & CEO

The Board of Directors held meetings on June 28 to conduct its regular monthly Board Meeting to discuss and review several agenda items. During the meetings, they approved the Minutes of the last Board meeting and accepted the reports of the Attorney, President and Vice Presidents. In addition, Southwest Arkansas Telecommunication & Technology also held a regular Board Meeting.

SWAECC Agenda Items Reviewed and Actions Taken

The President and Board Chairman were selected to represent the Cooperative as ERMCO Voting Delegate and Alternate Voting Delegate, respectively.

The President reported that Jace Reid of Nashville, Arkansas, was the 2021 recipient of the Cooperative’s Lineman Scholarship.

The Cooperative was authorized to increase funds for the Foreman Loop: Primary Construction project as recommended by Toth & Associates.

The President reported on its Investment Credit that changes annually on its Wholesale Power Bill.

Buddy Hasten, President & CEO of AECC/AECI presented an update on the Statewide Agency.

The Board approved 88 new member applications making the total number of members to date 19,378.

SWATT Agenda Items Reviewed and Actions Taken

The Board authorized the Cooperative to amend the officers on file with the Arkansas Secretary of State for Southwest Arkansas Technology and Telecommunications.

The Board authorized the change of officers on fil for the bank Signature Card of Southwest Arkansas Technology and Telecommunications DBA Four States Fiber.