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Heat Pumps

Money-Saving Investment
Geothermal/ground source heat pumps can cut your home or business heating and cooling costs by up to 50% and provide hot water free or at substantial savings.

Geothermal/ground source heat pumps last longer than conventional systems because they are protected from harsh outdoor weather. The unit is housed indoors and the loop underground.

Instant Comfort
A geothermal system moves warm air throughout your home or business, creating an even comfort level and saturating the building with warmth. This helps to even out hot or cold spots and eliminates the cold air blasts common with fossil fuel furnaces.

Low Maintenance
Geothermal/ground source heat pumps have fewer mechanical components, making them more reliable and less prone to failure. The ground loop has an expected life of more than 50 years and requires no maintenance.

Something for Free
During the summer, when the system is in a cooling mode, your hot water is produced FREE as a by-product of the thermal process. In winter, the system uses the heating mode to heat a portion of your hot water.

Environmental Benefits
Geothermal systems conserve energy. The systems move heat that already exists rather than using an energy source to create heat. Geothermal systems also reduce the amount of toxic emissions in the atmosphere. Geothermal systems do not rely on outside air, so the units keep the air inside of buildings cleaner and free from pollen, outdoor pollutants, mold spores and other allergens.

Enjoy Natural Comfort
Replacing your heating and A/c unit with one that's recommended by Mother Nature. The all-new geothermal heat pump uses the constant temperature of the Earth to keep your home toasty during the winter and cool in the summer. On top of that, it can give you FREE hot water during the warm summer months.

How Does it Work?
Geothermal/ground source heat pumps are electrically powered systems that take advantage of the earth's relatively constant ground temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for homes and commercial buildings.

Need More Information?
For more information on how you can take advantage of natural comfort from a geothermal heating and cooling system, contact Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative at
(800) 782-2743.