Our Mission

The mission of Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative is to provide first class electric service to the membership at a valued price and, to provide other services that add value to the organization.


Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative is proud to serve our members in Southwest Arkansas. It is our goal to provide our members safe, affordable, dependable, consumer-focused utility services. As the challenge of rising energy costs is becoming more difficult across the country, Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative continues to utilize all resources and technologies to keep our consumer impacts at a minimum.




Arkansas Living Magazine

Arkansas Living Magazine
What Makes a Co-op Best-in-Class

You'd think that if your co-op ranks No. 1 in 15 out of 18 survey categories, the boss would be pleased. But at Southwest Arkansas Electric Co-op, there's more to be done. Read more 

It's Time To Act
Join the 390,000 American consumers who have asked their elected officials tough questions about our energy future. More

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