Membership Fee and Deposit

All applicants must pay a membership fee, security deposit, and $25 service fee before electric service will be connected. Members need only have one membership regardless of the number of accounts needed. Your membership fee is applied as a credit to your final bill when you disconnect service.

In lieu of a deposit, residential applicants can provide a third party guarantee from another qualified member or have a satisfactory letter of credit from a previous utility. 

As a Member

An additional deposit may be required if payment is made late two consecutive months or three times within a twelve month period. Additional deposits may be applied per the rules outlined by The Arkansas Public Service Commission. 

If all payments are made on time for twelve months, we will refund your deposit. When an account is closed, your deposit will be refunded unless you have an outstanding balance, in which case it will be applied to the balance.

Membership Application (English)

Membership Application (Spanish)

Membership Application (Business)